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Our services

Websites & Design

OldenOnline designs and builds websites for small- and medium-sized companies. We can create anything from simple WordPress drag-and-drop websites to fully personalised web designs with custom code. With extensive knowledge of the most popular (CMS) systems on the web, we can always find a website type to suit the client.


Not sure why your website isn’t converting as much as you had hoped? By collecting valuable data from your website’s visitors, you can pinpoint bottlenecks and find a solution to vastly improve your website’s (sales) performance. OldenOnline can setup an analytics system for you with which we can collect conclusive data. OldenOnline can proceed to use that data to provide you with accurate advice on how to keep your webspace relevant and up-to-date.

Website optimisations

Do you already have a website, but feel like it holds more potential? Let’s work together to upgrade your current webspace and effectively reach your (business) goals. OldenOnline offers small technical optimisations or complete rebuilds of the user experience and user interface to surpass your goals and conversion wishes.


Do you want to achieve a goal, but don’t know how your online presence and marketing can help you reach it? OldenOnline offers consulting to point you and your business in the right direction, guide you on the path to succes and set up strategies to go the extra mile.

Curious what we can do for you?


The beginning

OldenOnline was founded in 2013 by Boas van Olden. We started out by making unique, single paged, hand coded websites. Since then we have rapidly grown and developed into a successful company that helps find the best online solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

Let’s build great things together!

The thing that sets OldenOnline apart from other companies is our investment in all of our delivered products. At OldenOnline, we care about our clients and the future of our deliverables, even after we have completed a project. We build all of our products in a way that we can easily update, optimise and refresh them if and when necessary to fit our clients’ and their customers’ changing needs.

The right tools for the job

Your website is just one part of your online identity and therefore we work with the best of the best in the fields of online marketing, social media, SEO, growth hacking and copywriting to make sure your online identity matches and complements your brand new website.

We work with what you’ve got

Sometimes rebuilding an entire site can be very costly and clients just do not have that kind of budget available. No worries! OldenOnline doesn’t just build new websites, we also optimise existing sites. For (almost) every budget we can analyse and optimise your current website’s usability, user experience and conversion to better meet your targets.

Asking for a friend?

Already have a developer or an agency that you would like to keep working with? No problem! We also offer consultancy to explore ideas, give pointers and advise what we feel is best for your company. No strings attached.From our experience we can translate your ideas and wishes into a bulletproof concept or user experience and advise the best way of building or executing your ideas.