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PGW Consultancy

Accounting and administrative office, PGW Consultancy, helps entrepreneurs navigate the Dutch VAT system and give clients advice, administers insight and assists where necessary. They provide different administrative and VAT related services for startups and large scale businesses.

Client issue

Up to now, PGW Consultancy has come in contact with all of its clients through word of mouth. Despite this being a great way of finding clientele, relying solely on word of mouth as a form of marketing can be restricting. PGW has decided to step into 2018 and attract new potential customers through ways that go beyond communicating through its inner circle of contacts by taking their business online. By building a strong online presence early on, PGW hopes to best the competition and establish themselves as a noticeable company brand within the accounting sector.


PGW approached OldenOnline with the request to create a website that would convince potential clients to choose PGW to manage their finances. OldenOnline was asked to highlight PGW’s outstanding personal service and ability to help its clients with making (big) business related decisions based on their financial data. This extra service is PGW’s USP and sets it apart from many other accountants.


OldenOnline complemented a playful web design with a serious, strong font. This resulted in a classic yet modern, relatable look which sets PGW apart from its competitors. Furthermore, because PGW is so busy with helping their clients, they have very limited time to update and maintain their website. To make life easier for PGW, OldenOnline will continue to manage the content and take care of technical updates.