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Critical Minds

Critical Minds is a professional project management agency, which helps its clients handle and complete large scale projects with fixed budgets and within certain time frames. When assisting a client, Critical Minds sends in their experts to help with waste, time and resource management.

Client issue

Critical Minds is ready to expand their business with a broad range of verticals. In order to do that they want to generate leads and attract talent to join their company. The website they had, did not fit the image and identity that Critical Minds has grown into over the past few years. In order to attract the right people to fit their current profile they recognised the need to refresh and renew their online presence.


OldenOnline work closely with TAO Company. TAO asked OldenOnline to take on the online part of the assignment, redesign the entire website (including rethinking the website’s structure), think of suitable user routing and find a successful means of lead generation. Apart from lead generation, the website had to be expandable and the client would need to be able to add new verticals, employee profiles and techniques to the site independently. This was a challenging request due to the fact that many of the elements within the website needed to interlink.


OldenOnline succeeded in designing, building and delivering a custom made website that meets the client’s demands. Due to the complexity of the code, OldenOnline has come up with a way to protect it. OldenOnline prides itself in developing websites in such a way that clients have the freedom to change and update the content without damaging the code. Large software or feature updates will always be performed by OldenOnline, but minor content changes can be done by Critical Minds.